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Kyle Zak & Larry McMartin - Grand Forks, ND

The Rota Discs definitely use less horsepower than our old chopping heads, maybe 50 to 100 less horsepower overall. We run six combines for our corn harvest, so it adds up to big fuel savings.

Todd Fox - Michigan Town, IN

"I have been running my NorthStar for a year and I really wish I would’ve bought one sooner! My previous cornhead slowed us down so much because of all the material that it ran through the combine. I have been really impressed with how the Geringhoff NorthStar handles the stalks. We have so much less trash running through the combine and it is really able to handle those tough stalks."

Johnson Harvesting - Evansville, MN

"25,000 acres on our original Geringhoff head and we have never had to replace a gearbox in it. That says a lot for the product and the company that is producing them. We've had gathering chains last upwards around 15,000 - 20,000 acres and we haven't had to replace them. We need a header that is capable of running 3 full seasons without having a lot of breakdowns.

Geringhoff gives us that."

Jeremy & Josh Beetz - Mendota, IL

We ran it all season with no oil. I brought it in to put it away and I was draining the oil and I noticed that it didn’t have a drain plug in it. There was corn in there and dirt in there. I flushed it out and we used it the whole next season, never had any trouble. It ran with no oil for I don’t know how long. It was a row unit gearbox. There was corn, husks, leaves and stalks in there. Because it was the bottom plug facing the row, everything was just jammed packed full. I looked in there and I couldn’t find any metal filings. We flushed it out with cleaner and used it the whole next season. We keep a gearbox in stock just in case, but we have never needed it.
*Results not typical. Always maintain gearbox oil and manufacturers recommended levels.

Peters Dairy Farm - Auburn, NY

“Because with the combine we used to have to drop the head, and that was an 8 row. Most places you had to take the head off to go down the road. It doesn’t take long but it adds up, especially if you are doing that 2 to 3 times a day. To be able to not have to take the head off, and just fold it up and move it to the next place has been great.”

Anthony & Josh Meier - Aberdeen, SD

“Corn is our primary crop and we build around that. Generally it’s not an option, but Geringhoff had the foresight to think about how this would benefit customers. Sunflowers are more of a side crop for most people where we live, so it was nice to have the option to purchase something for corn and then have it transform into a sunflower head.”

Allan Haugo - Waubun, MN

"Certain varieties of corn end up piling up on the end rows. In the past when we didn’t have end row augers, we had to stop, get out, and push them into the cornhead. The end row augers keep the pace going and keep things clean and the corn coming in and lets everything feed a little bit better. Overall we used the reel about 160 acres. You couldn’t even see the rows, and the sweeper just kept the corn moving and we were able to keep moving without stopping the combine. It saved us a lot of corn." Geringhoff Owner for 8 Years

Pete Sage - Champaign, IL

"It’s been a really good year, I’d take a year like this every year. It’s one of those years that you just don’t forget. I’ll probably never see another crop like this. Usually you either get a really good corn crop or a good bean crop and this year we’re getting them both.

Even with yields like these, after I run the Rota Disc through it, the stalk is just dust. It looks that way whether it’s green or dead ripe like it is today, it really doesn’t care what stalk you run through it. It’s an impressive head.”

Andy & Don Slinden - Atwater, MN

"The Rota Disc really does a great job. It really shreds the stalks so that they can decompose over the winter. I think that’s the big benefit of the Rota Disc versus the lawn mower blades. With the lawn mower blades, you don’t see the shredded tops. We prefer the shredded tops from the Rota Disc. This is the fifth year we’ve been running it and we haven’t done anything to the discs."

Matt Reu - Whitewater, WI

"Our family owns and operates a large grain farm in southeastern Wisconsin. Farming has been in the family for over 100 years. From generation to generation we have always purchased the most innovative and long lasting products available; for this reason we use Geringhoff corn heads. The integrity in which Geringhoff's products are made is unmatched in today’s industry. The service and product performance is unheard by Geringhoff's competitors. We know that purchasing Geringhoff products not only advances our on farm technology but will help our farm stand the test of time for all generations to come."

Jake Bauerly - Sauk Rapids, MN

"I used to run my own construction company so I know equipment, and when it came to buy a cornhead, I compared cornheads to cornheads and I could see there was a big difference in quality. I bought the Geringhoff because I wanted the best. After almost 6 years of running that head I just bought my second Geringhoff Rota Disc."

BJ Heintzman - Moxee, WA

"You literally have no breakdowns with this, and no problems with it plugging. If you get into some weedy areas it just goes through it, where with my old green head that I had, the grass and stuff would get wrapped up on the rolls, and then you’d have to reverse it to get the weeds out and I literally don’t have to do that with this head.
The main feature that I bought the head for is the folding part of it, so i don’t have to disconnect the head to go down the road or from one field to the next. This folds up and is narrower than the combine."

Dennis Nagel - Highland, IL

My experience with the service and after-sale support from Geringhoff has been tremendous. One of the engineers from Germany asked my permission to come out and ride with me for a day while I harvested. They gave me tips on how to do things better than how I had been doing them. I found that my harvest went alot smoother after following some of their simple recommendations such as slowing down the auger speed.

The thing that struck me was that the German engineer was more interested in what I disliked about the head, rather than what I did like. They wanted to improve on any area possible for the next year, and that really impressed me that they care that much.

Iʼve had nothing but positive experiences with Geringhoff because this company truly cares about what the customer thinks even after he owns one of their products. NS1230F owner for 5 years.

Dan Roe - Monticello, WI

"We do a lot of no till on our farm and one of the problems that we were having was the size of the residue the next spring. That’s what got us into the Rota Disc head. Watching that residue coming out behind that head is very uniform, 5 to 6 inch lengths and is very easy to plant no-till into the next year.
We’ve had no problems with our RD head. We bought it used with 7,000 acres on it and we run 3,300 acres a year. That puts it up to 13,000 acres and we still haven’t had any problems with that head so it’s very dependable." RD1220 Geringhoff Owner for 2 years.

Scott Schuster - 2011 Photo Contest Winner

We love our Geringhoff corn head. This is our second Geringhoff head. We have ran this head for three seasons harvesting approximately 2000 acres each year with it. The head has ran trouble free each harvest. We love how our Geringhoff head is agressive on the corn stalks but gentle on the ears. It runs quite and smooth and is easily adjustable. We would recommend a Geringhoff corn head to anyone wanting a fast trouble free harvest and is stylish to boot.
Scott Schuster

Joe Malecek - Osage, IA

"With corn on corn, you have to manage that residue or it will manage you. We are on a continuous corn on corn rotation and sizing that residue to help speed up the decomposition process allows us to manage that high residue corn on corn situation. The RD does a beautiful job processing that residue. It’s the technology that Geringhoff has that shreds the stalk, and also slices the part of the stalk still standing in the field, while the lawnmower blades just cut it off at the top."

Nolan Henert - Ashton, IL

"Our Geringhoff experience started in 2007 with the purchase of our first Geringhoff chopping corn head. We were so impressed with the end result from the corn head that we are currently on our fourth Geringhoff corn head the only difference is our current corn head is a twelve row. The Geringhoff chopping corn head cuts up the stalks so well that the chisel plow can turn the ground over black, then in the spring the stalks are gone and the ground works up smooth for the planter. The Geringhoff chopping corn head has been a plus for our operation."

Joe & Travis Shimon - Rolfe, IA

"I put ammonium sulphate in with the dry fertilizer and broadcast it over the corn stalks after harvest. The Rota Disc already chops up the residue into small pieces, and this allows the ammonium sulphate to work even better. When we went to strip till in the spring, I had to get out of the combine to find the rows because the trash was completely gone. It wasn’t in the fence row, it had deteriorated because of the fine chop of the Rota Disc combined with an application of ammonium sulphate. We have no trash issues with our strip till."

Brad Hart - Cuba, IL

My hired help wanted to know what I did to the combine to take the trash out of the corn. All I did was put a Geringhoff Rota Disc corn head on the front of it. It went from cobs and trash in the sample to just corn.
My Rota Disc is the slickest, easiest maintaining head that Iʼve ever been around. Itʼs a dream to pop 4 little levers and have all the snouts pop up like a car hood. I love that the snouts are infinitely adjustable, so you can set them perfectly flat all the way acrossinstead of fighting with other brands that have a 6 inch gap between points.

As far as speed goes, you can run it as fast as the combine can take. I was running at 7.8 miles per hour and unloading on the go at 6.8 miles per hour in 200 bushel corn. We harvested 120 acres a day with an 8 row head, and 24,000 bushels in 12 hours with our 8row Rota Disc.
I mean itʼs just a superior head...Iʼll never go back to another brand of corn head. RD 830 Owner for 2.5 years

Dennis Beyers - Roscoe, SD

The Rota Disc has helped alot with residue management with no till and conventional ground. With these new corns, it’s really tough to get rid of the trash and it’s really helped that along.
Quality and durability were the two most important factors to me when looking for a corn head. I wanted a simple, clean and low maintenance head, and it’s proven to be just that.
Rota Disc 8 row 30 owner.

David Miller - Millersport, OH

"Our Geringhoff has saved us so much time with the folding feature by not having to unhook and re-hook the header to move down the road, or around the corner. Iʼm getting a little older and itʼs so much easier to just stay in the cab instead of get in and out and mess around with unhooking things and hooking them back up.
We were also really impressed with the design of the cogs that the gathering chains are on. The way they were designed to allow the chains slip around the edges have saved us several times of having breakage or some other problems. This head has been very friendly to our farm." NS1230 Folding owner for 2 years.