3 Unique Applications


Lite on Weight, Lite on Shatter, Heavy on Features

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Sunlite head. This head aggressively harvests your crop, while gently transferring it to prevent loss. It will keep you running fast and effective, and maximize your yield and profits.

Stalks are efficiently divided between the grain chutes and progress towards the gathering pans and diverted towards the feeding rollers. Crop flows swiftly to the adjustable auger and is smoothly transferred to the combine feeder house.

Schumacker Cutter Bar

The Sunlite cutter bar features the prestigious and durable Schumacker cutting system. Sickles are securely bolted in place for easy maintenance and can be replaced individually. There is no need to remove the entire bar during routine maintenance.

Adjustable Auger

Sunlite auger can be easily adjusted to maximize crop flow. Adjust the gap between the auger and trough to accommodate your specific field conditions.

Crop Deflector

Designed with the ideal profile, the deflector allows the safest and gentlest way to assist crop towards the Feeding Roller. The Sunlite's crop deflector cover can be quickly adjusted for ideal height and distance from the roller.

Crop Collection

The durable chutes are spaced 9 inches apart and are integral to the grain pans. These pans reliably collect the sunflower heads and seeds that become dislodged then quickly transfer crop to the auger trough. Reliably decrease shatter and maximize your yield with the Sunlite by Geringhoff.

Adjustable Feeding Roller

The feeding roller safely transfers your crop to the auger trough. Adjustbale plates modify clearance allowing the ideal length to match your conditions.

Reliable Chain Drive

Both the main auger and feeding roller feature reliable drive systems with integrated slip clutch protection for peace of mind.

Elite Series with Sunflower Attachments

Transform our Rota Disc or NorthStar corn headers into the ultimate sunflower harvesting system. Conveniently add our German engineered sunflower adapter kits with rear and side extensions.

By using a single head to harvest both your corn and sunflowers, you'll save time and money. Combine that with Geringhoff's legendary quality and yield retention and you will speed through harvest like never before.

How it Works

Our passive sunflower adapter features a hardened edge cutting disc that is mounted between the deck plates. These discs seperate the sunflower head from the stalk as the rollers pull the stalk down for destruction. This design reduces disturbance of the head during harvest and substantially reduces shatter. Clamped between the deck plates, the adapter retains any seeds that may accumulate, and transfers them back to the auger trough. Included with the passive adapter are chain extenders that are bolted onto the lugs to ensure a consistent feed of crop to the cutting edge

Back and Side Extentions

Optional back and side extentions mount to the header to prevent crop loss to the rear and sides of the header. These are specifically helpful in down or lodged crops where a low cut is necessary. Speed through harvest knowing that you are maximizing your crops greatest potential.

Specially Designed Chains

These chains feature 9 posi-loc lugs designed specifically for use in sunflowers. Installation and removal of the chains is made easy using the chain removal tool included with all Geringhoff corn harvest heads.

High Yielding Sunflower Harvest

When it comes to sunflower harvest, conditions can vary from field to field, day to day, and morning to night. Geringhoff has applied their years of engineering and harvest experience to the NorthStar Multicrop header. Built upon the solid foundation of unequalled durability and industry leading yield retention, the low profile Northstar Multicrop is designed to excel in lodged, broken and excessively dry crop conditions.

Designed for High Yields

The NorthStar Multicrop features horizontal and vertical gathering chains to allow harvest material to be transported steadliy and safely to the thresher.

All chains feature 12 posi-loc lugs for increased crop flow and the vertical conveyer chains are hydraulically driven and adjustable in speed. The chains work in unison to eliminate overloading, and reduce trash and build up.

High Yield Performance

The rotating double knife technique assures a gentle cut of the crop without shaking, resulting in minimal seed loss. The placement of the rotating knives at the rear of the gathering chains allows a more consistent flow of crop to the auger.

Bulletproof Reliability

At the heart of the NorthStar Multicrop is an industry leading, maintenance free, sealed oil gearbox that Geringhoff has built their reputation on. This reliable system utilizes an internal self adjusting slip clutch to protect all moving parts of the row unit

Industry Leading Coverage

Geringhoff offers an industry best comprehensive 12 months parts and labor warranty with all machines. As a bonus, immediately after registering your head with us, we automatically extended your warranty to 24 MONTHS.

For additional peace of mind, add Harvest Guard Extended Coverage to your machine and enjoy coverage up to the 60th MONTH.